Morality Play

Morality Play (2024) In this drama/comedy set entirely in a car, EV battles with his larger-than-life inner thoughts. Will he resist the temptation of turning the car around? Directed by Helen Iley (hileyproductive). Music composed/produced by Liam Fuller.  

Speakers Corner Quartet X Manchester Camerata

Speakers Corner Quartet X Manchester Camerata (2023) Speaker’s Corner Quartet brought Liam on board to orchestrate two new and unheard pieces for their show with Manchester Camerata and renowned conductor Robert Ames. Following the success of the concert, Liam is leading orchestration on their upcoming album, with a concert set to be performed at the Southbank …

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Waltham Forest Light Show Spectacular

Waltham Forest Light Show Spectacular (2023) Fellowship Square in Waltham Forest was transformed into a light show spectacular, celebrating Bonfire Night and the borough’s rich culture and diversity. Liam was asked to write music for the epic finale. Visuals designed by Zarah Hussain, Josh Garner and Amelia Kosminksy.  


LEECH (2023) London Premiere: Aug 28th 2023 (FrightFest 2023, Leicester Square) Released: Oct 3rd 2023 (on ALTER) An elderly blind woman is unaware of the stranger secretly living in her home. Listen   WAtch


. . EBRD (2023) In February 2023, Liam won a pitch to write original music for European Bank for Reconstruction & Development‘s (EBRD) annual meeting video. Working alongside producer Jonathan Wells and videographer Chris West (both formerly BBC), musicians were filmed across three continents, in Uzbekistan, Georgia, Slovakia-Ukraine borders and Egypt. The video highlights the …

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. . OrchestRAM (2023) Arrangements for Drum & Bass tracks part of RAM Records‘ sell-out OrchestRAM – performed in the Barbican centre. Arrangement/orchestration/session conducting by Liam Fuller. Listen *”No Reality” written with Jasmine Meaden.

The Lesson

. . The Lesson (2023) Original music for the animation “The Lesson”. The short film was used as part of equality and diversity training within schools. In collaboration with animator Salma Sheikh Abdi. Listen  

Courtauld Commissions

. . Courtauld Commissions (2022 & 2023) Original music commissioned by The Courtauld Gallery. 2023: Viola, Harp and Flute trio – “Midnight in a Half-World”. Listen   Watch   . 2022: String Quartet – “Folies-Bergère”   Violin – Romana Szczepaniak Violin – Jaga Klimaszewska Viola– Rebecca Breen Cello – Fraser Bowles

Ophelia’s Dance

. . Ophelia’s Dance (2023) After dealing with the trauma of losing a child, Will and Ophelia move to the countryside to set up a new life outside of the city. Struggling to come to terms with her mistakes, Ophelia loses herself within her paintings beyond a point of no return. Listen Original music composed …

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The Bauhaus Band

. . The Bauhaus Band (2023) Premiere performance: May 19th 2023 (at Guildhall Bauhaus Festival) Original music and video by Liam Fuller. Directed by John Harle, commissioned for The Bauhaus Band. Watch